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The Oslo Student Christian Fellowship actually own a chapel in the woods north of Oslo. There is a Church service here every sunday at 12. In addition to our Christian Union in Oslo, there are similar groups in Bergen, Trondheim and Volda. If you plan to visit Bergen during the summer holiday, there is a very cheap place (centrally located!!!) called Intermission. This place is run by an IFES team every summer.

Christian Union is affiliated with IFES (The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) through their Norwegian branch called NKSS. IFES is an interdenominational organization working in more than 140 countries all over the world. On the IFES homepages you can find a list of all the national movements with a homepage on the net. For a regular update on praise and prayer topics, take a look at this page.

In USA, the national movement is called USA: Intervarsity Fellowship and in England it's UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship). Take a look at their homepages - they have a lot of information!

There are also som international Christian Unions in Denmark and Sweden:
Lund, Sweden - Uppsala, Sweden - Aalborg, Denmark - Copenhagen, Denmark

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